Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random musings from me and Miss E.

This morning, after J left to take A to school, it was just E and me in the kitchen while she was finishing up breakfast and I was doing dishes, and boy was E a talker. She told me that she had the perfect name for New Baby, "Baby Ondica!" she announces very proudly. "Then, she can have the same name as my doll!" Ahhhhh yes. Ondica Peters. As you know, Gentle Reader, we've been down this road before. A couple of heartbeats later, she starts talking about pipes.

"What?" I ask, still scrubbing the sink but coming back to reality from where ever I was.

"The milk is going down the pipes in my body! I have lots and lots of pipes in my body. That makes it healthy!"

She is so sweet, our little E. I kid you not. She is one of the most tender hearted wee ones I know. J is worried that she is going to be socially backwards because she is a VERY focused little girl (which may be why she tends to wet her pants...she doesn't realize she has to go until it is TOO LATE!) and can play happily by herself and not give a hoot about what others are doing, but if she does start paying attention, she can be crier. Still, I think that puts her in a better position than our beloved Miss A, who is all about getting the approval of others.

Now if only I can get E to be a little more "Stranger Danger Aware."

She seriously runs up to people at the library or store or playground (and sometimes gives them a hug and kiss on the leg!!!!! YEGADS!) and announces, "My mom has a baby in her tummy!" or "My mom is growing a new girl in her tummy!" before skipping off to play. I suppose I should be grateful that she is taking any doubt away about the current state of my figure, but still. FREAKS me out. I checked out a video from the library, "Safe Side Safety" which talks about this in a very child friendly way, and we had a special F.H.E. about it. The girls have watched it, seriously, 8 times since then.

So. In an effort to get them out into the fresh air, and to assuage my guilt at feeling like a terrible mother for being in such a yucky mood yesterday, I took them to the park (for about 20 minutes). Did our video do anything? Wellllllllll, I guess she didn't hug the parent of the kids who joined us at the park, 10 minutes into the romp, but she ran right over to her. Hmmmmmm....Still have some more work to do with that, I see.

Ha! I just got done reading some of this post to E before she informed me she needed to use the restroom, frantically!!!! But before she left, she said to write that the sink made a squeaky noise when I turned the faucet. And that about sums up E.

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