Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dora the Computer Games

So, the girls have been playing two different Dora the Explorer computer games this afternoon...one was done in 2004, the other 2007. The one in 2007 has a GREAT and EASY exit feature. The other, a mere 3 years earlier, will let you exit the game, but then rolls credits before it will actually EXIT and get off your computer screen. You can guess which one I like best.

The reason I bring any of this up...the girls played for at least an hour before I got them off the computer and Miss E (who was using the GREAT and EASY exit game) was playing happily and without complaint for the most part (at one point she came and got me and said, "This is boring!" before going back and playing. Go figure). She doesn't know how to exit yet from the game so I was doing it for her and thought...geez! What loud music this thing has.

Turns out that once I had it closed down, I realized I had not shut down the programs I had been using and so one of the blogs that I read was still up, and this particular blog plays its playlist continuously from the time you open it up to when you leave the page.

I'm just laughing at what a surreal experience this particular Dora game must have been for Miss E. Now I just need to make sure all the music on the playlist was appropriate for an almost 4 year old....

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Jennifer Lee said...

One more good reason that blogs should not play music.