Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blogging Ribs...Conclusion

Time...9:19 (Saturday MORNING!)

Ahhhhh, it is over. The company was wonderful. The Ribs turned out to be great...the BBQ sauce did indeed work magic. The other stuff I made was good and no one even missed the au gratin potatoes, but man oh man, the foods that the company brought was...YUMMY. I'm a firm believer that all food tastes a bit better if you don't have to cook it.

ANYWAY! Today, I'm feeling it. I don't know about you, but I get super efficient just before an event while trying to accomplish oodles NOT on my list, and then the next morning, I have almost an adrenaline hangover and can hardly move. For example, I finished the simple remaining "chores" I had for the house, and then decided I needed to clean upstairs, vacuum the literal stairs, vacuum under the counters using the nozzle thing in the kitchen and bathrooms, take the garbage out, empty the dishwasher (I'd run it earlier), wipe down the chairs, ...things like this, while working under a timed deadline and finishing all the other prep for dinner. Oh, and take a shower.

Once again, Superstar J came home and was a tremendous help. He finished my last few tasks for me (hide the unfolded laundry in one of the closets, finish basting the BBQ--it was on the last 20 minutes and, as you know, the recipe called for it) so I could get the shower. It was nice to see him sniff the aroma of the house appreciatively when he walked in. And I have to say that the kids were SUPERSTARS, too. It's not easy having a crazed mother running around, giving orders like, "Keep everything clean!"

But things got done, company arrived and we had a lovely time. As Jennifer's Somebody predicted, we all had "a party in our tummies (so yummy! so yummy!)." Yep. Totally worth it, even this morning. Even with an adrenaline hangover.

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