Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tilapia Heaven

My friend Jennifer read my blog today and, in great compassion and courage to brave the House of Illness and No Showers (um...the latter would be me today. I'm sure I look like death with crazy woman hair) came over to help make dinner. I'm not sure what secret magic she worked on the frozen tilapia fish we took out of the freezer, but suffice to say, it was delicious. So, a special thanks to you, Jennifer. We loved the cumin, cilantro, lime infused with a hint of chili powder fish that was even better than chicken could be (even if Olivia did just want that nasty ol' macaroni and cheese), and the fact that Abigail and Elisabeth each had two servings is a tribute to that. Thank you, again, for coming over and providing a little sanity to such a nutty day!!!!! :)


Jennifer Lee said...

Okay, seriously? You had time to get all your children into bed AND post to your blog, and all I've done is drop more things onto the pile on the table? Amazing.

Also, I'm really glad everyone liked the chicken.

Jason said...

yes, thank you Jennifer. You are a great friend!