Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3

Today I am grateful for:

1. Indoor playlands, particularly at Chick-fil-a, because they let me gather with friends and provide something for the kiddos to do while I chat it up.

2. This recipe, particularly the frosting. Ohmygoodness! (they also have this recipe at, but they use a different frosting. I think this frosting is FAR superior, but then again, I have a weirdness for things that taste too much like un-melted stick of butter. Ick. The frosting at the link is YUM). Happy Birthday, Cryptic Jennifer.

3. Miss Q decided that having strep this week was not enough, so she got a mighty upset stomach this evening after we came home from dropping off Miss A and Miss E to gymnastics (and long after we'd returned home from The Chik), and promptly hurled everything she'd eaten today. Why am I grateful for that? Because she chucked in the garage and the clean-up was about as good as a clean-up like that can get. Hooray for easy clean-ups of gross things.

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