Thursday, July 7, 2011


So, really, the 4th of July post was just a quote that I just kinda fell in love with, brought to my attention by my cousin on Facebook. 

I like to be patriotic for lots of things, I have discovered. And not just on the 4th of July.  heh.

But, here's what's been happening at The Zoo in recent weeks.  I have pictures.  I just have a difficult time getting them from Super J's computer to MY computer (his being a Mac and mine is...well...not.  Him being computer literate and me...well...not as much anymore).  But I did take pictures, thinking how fun it will be to post them.  Yep.  It sure will be fun.  One of these days.


In the past few weeks...
  • Potty training has been going steadily and has taken a few regressive steps back.  Even when I am lovely and kind about potty training.  Even when I am a she-beast about potty training.  One step forward, two steps back. I told Super J today that I think I am going to buy some more pull-ups because I think both Miss Q and I need a break.  Wearying work, potty training is.  And back breaking!  I forget that you have to bend over to pull things off and put things on and then haul kids on and off the ol' commode many many times a day.  Yep.  My back hates potty training and needs a break, too. 
  • Super J turned one year old and wiser, too!  I made this delicious thing, only with Ghirardelli brownie mix on the bottom because that's what I had.  Love Costco.  Also I made him BBQ ribs and cheesy funeral potatoes.  See?  I was very patriotic for Super J.
  • Miss O turned 5 today!  Can you believe it??????  You should have seen her cake that Cryptic Jennifer made for me, for Miss O's party (which we held at McDonald's.  Ohhhhh to be 5 and happy with Happy Meals for food for a birthday).  GORGEOUS.  I gotta get a picture of it posted on here because it was super amazing, especially because she whipped it up in literally less than 5 hours, which is something because she made it and cooled it and frosted it.  Shazzam.  And can I say, Miss O deserved a lovely cake.  Because she's 5!!!!!!!!  And, she's a doll.
  • But let's talk more about the cake.  And why?  Because I had a night from the Hot Place thanks to Miss Q. And a bit of Miss A with a small appearance by Miss E, informing me that Miss Q had to use the bathroom (AGAIN!???!  At 3:00am?  AGAIN????).  But mainly Miss Q (notice, nothing about Miss O.  She was the only one who got a good nights sleep last night. I guess that's what happens when you are turning 5.  You sleep like a baby, but you aren't, to celebrate being born).  And when I say Hot Place, I'm talking nigh unto an inferno, and I was a walking zombie who had some church meetings and babysitting and other party stuff to do and I was a bit stressed out.  So, she whisked it off my plate and created an amazing visual and yummy edible thing.  Thanks dearest Friend!
  • Speaking of getting whisked away, Super J and I took a cruise to the Bahamas for our 10 year anniversary!  Wahoo!  And yes, for those who know that we actually don't turn ten until September, we did celebrate a little early, but we have decided to celebrate early and celebrate often for this decade of weddedness (you also know that Miss A was born on our anniversary, a year to the day, so it's kinda hard to have a big deal for us on her special day, too).  I'm a lucky girl to have such a great guy.  
  • We did a 4 day, 3 night cruise on Royal Caribbean and it was lovely.  I still feel like I'm swaying with the ocean occasionally, but it's fading every day.  My biggest worries that we'd be attacked by Somali pirates turned out to be unfounded (but thanks for being our Will Witnesses anyway, Friend Adrienne!!!!), but I have to say that if I were to do it again, I'd go for the 5 day, four night cruise because ours seemed to be just starting when it ended.  Yep, a super fun experience spent with an amazing man.  One cruise tip I can give, though:  Don't bother with the Virgin Pina Colada in the pineapple.  I mean, for $8.00, I expected more than 8 ounces of Colada.  Grrrrrr. That's all I'm saying. That, and they must make a killing on the alcohol they sell on those things.  ANYWAY!  I digress. I digress. 
  • I have been reading up a STORM!  I should do a list.  Many blogs I read have these great lists about books they have been reading, but I must confess, Gentle Reader, I am a wee bit embarrassed by the number of paranormal romances I have been reading.  I know!!!!  But I'll tell you anyway: I have become a Patricia Briggs fan.  LOVE!!!!  Enjoyed her Mercy Thompson books loads.  Scoured used books stores to get her books, requested books on hold from the library and when I was too impatient to get them, I forked out my cold hard cash at my Barnes and Noble and bought 'em anyway for a mere 15% off (at least I had a coupon, right???).  Next up in the queue, when I'm done with my Alpha and Omega series, I have the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa (all from the library, and perilously close to being due.  Hope I can renew them!).  Ahhhhhhhh, lovely summer reading.  Why can't I read my scriptures as voraciously as I read these books???? Oh well, I'll dodge that and save the heavy questions for another day.
So, that's a quick update on what's happening here. I know there's more, but I'm still in recovery from being a Zombie today.   

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