Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's for dinner, Ma?

Miss Q was pestering standing patiently while I was reading "my stories" on the computer and started chanting, "Mom, I am hungry.  Mom, I am hungry. Mom, I am hungry," over and over until I woke up from my blog stupor and realized she was talking to me.

"Do you want Macaroni and Cheese?  Can I make you some?"  (It needs to be stated that this child actually went down for a nap without lunch--don't feel too sad for her because she did have a snack--because she had thrown the MOTHER of all hissyfits for pretty much 45 minutes prior to said nap and was still in no mood to eat, much less make a rational decision about what TO eat.  So, she napped and slept 3 hours and woke up a different person.  Whew!)

"No.  I want some broccoli.  I want some hot broccoli."  (Going through my brain, "Really????")

"You want broccoli for dinner?" I asked.

"Yes."  (though her "yes" sounds like "yeth," cause she has a wee bit of a lisp, which I love).

"Okay, I'll make you some broccoli."

"Green beans.  I need some green beans, too."

Who IS this kid?????  What weird magical thing have I done with child #4 that I did not do with the first (and especially the third) girls that makes her request VEGETABLES as the main food? 

Oh well.  Broccoli for dinner it is.  With leftovers, because I don't see the rest of the Zoo being all, "Yay!  Hot broccoli...only...for dinner."  But then again, we aren't 2 years old, either. 


Bethany said...

haha, that's funny. :) mmmm, hot broccoli for dinner.

Jennifer Lee said...

That girl is too funny. And adorable. And, quite honestly, and inspiration to us all in the veggie eating department.