Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miss Q says

So, Miss Q is 25 months now and has decided that talking in "sentences" is the way to go.  She's quite the communicator and talks All. The. Time.  This is no surprise with three older sisters to share verbiage with.  Still.  Some of the funny ones that she has been repeating recently include these three gems:

"Give it me!!!!!!!"  (this is normally shrieked in high pitched volume to her sisters, who are fleeing Miss Q with some contraband in their arms...often, it includes them also laughing at her whilst mid-flee)

"I want to carry you!!!" (this is normally said to me when at the top of the stairs, arms raised, in an effort to get me to carry HER down the stairs.  It works because she's too cute to ignore.  I usually respond with something like, "I'd love for you to carry me."  She never does).

"It's too heavy!!!!" (This should be her response to me when I say that I'd love for her to carry me, but alas.  This is her go-to phrase for anything that doesn't seem to be working correctly.  If she can't stuff something into a small opening, she'll hand it to me and say, "It's too heavy!".  If something is stuck, it's because that dang thing weighs a ton, even if it's the cap of a pen...and, during those moments, I'm so glad the pen cap is too heavy because I really don't want her to take it off in the first place.  My favorite of late has been when she's straining in her 5 point car seat harness and WANTS OUT!!!!  Why, you ask?  Yes.  It's because IT'S TOO HEAVY!!!!!!  Because naturally, she's the patron saint of patience who has only been stymied by things that are not working properly because of the unnatural laws of gravity.)

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