Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Things

Miss A has reached an interesting age, being her very sage 7 years. She's always said amusing things, but recently she's said a couple of things that have me thinking of them days after she's said it and laughing over them. Here are two examples that keep coming back to mind.

The setup: I've been listening to Micheal Buble' on Pandora.com and Youtube because Super J and I are going to see him in June and I'm So. Excited. I enjoy him. What's even better is that Super J got the tickets for me in February as my Valentine's Day present, so by the time we go see him this summer, it'll be like we get to go to a free concert, and who doesn't like a free concert???


Okay, so Miss A is listening with me to "Everything" and bursts out, "Mom! Next to Taylor Swift, Michael Buble' is the best singer ever!"

...next to Taylor Swift? TAYLOR SWIFT? Yes, I guess. If I were seven! Now, had she said Barry Manilow, we might have something more in common. :) And for your enjoyment...

The second: We recently enjoyed a visit from Super J's dad who came to help him work on a project. We weren't sure if he was going to be able to come up until we got the call at 7am that morning. So, we sprang into action to get things ready: I made the girls help me "clean" the house, which means that they "dusted" (with those Swiffer dusters. Yes, I have four. Yes, they love to "dust," which means to them to randomly swipe at things--including areas of the wall--but whatever), picked up their toys, put clothes in the hamper, "made" their beds and, for Misses A and E, helped clean bathrooms. Compare that with what I did to finish the job and they get off pretty easy, all things considered.

Anywho, Grandpa came up and it seemed he might even spend the night, but as the evening wore on, he decided to go over to Super J's sister's place. When Miss A found this out, she exclaimed to him, "You mean I cleaned for NOTHING????"

This has cracked me up repeatedly throughout the days following, especially when I look at the house and its current condition. I feel this way almost EVERY DAY! It was kinda sweet to have someone else express it, so spontaneously and truthfully, with no inhibitions.

"You mean I cleaned for NOTHING???"

Yep. Still makes me chuckle.

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Allison said...

I love the "I cleaned for NOTHING?"comment. Welcome to my life, Miss A!