Friday, October 30, 2009

Memory Lane

First: I love being married and being a mom. Please know that I wouldn't trade where I'm at for anything.

Okay, now I can continue.

I was talking to Super J last night, asking about stuff he missed about being single. He gave me a lovely, but vague response about how being single gives you all sorts of different opportunities but being married with kids, you have different events during the day but the same faces/places to come home to, which for him has been a pleasure.

Fair enough.

When it was my turn, I knew exactly what I missed. My friend calls it a "Mental Health Day." Do you know what I'm talking about?

It's where you spend your entire day in your pj's (or other very favorite comfy apparel) and you aren't sick. And you don't shower because (a) you don't have to go ANYWHERE (no work obligations, no doctor's appointments, no one to pick up, nothing to shop for, etc. etc.), and (b) aren't expecting ANYONE to show up, and (c) you only have to fix whatever you want to eat and no one complains or you can order in food and (d) then you spend the day napping and getting caught up on any tv or reading or blogging or internet surfing or napping that YOU want to do. Basically, the only person who needs you that day is YOU. And, here's the key: NO. GUILT.

Yeah...that's what I miss sometimes.

UPDATE: I just wanted to mention that this whole conversation started because I had been thinking about some of my friends who've just had babies and I was feeling overwhelmed for them and wished a M.H.D. for them, too.


Bethany said...

me. too. And I only have two monkeys dependent on me. Here's to a mental health day for you!

What's up with the Walkers! said...

Now I'm really worried, if I already need a MHD every other day; what will happen in May when there are 3!!!

Shari said...

M.H.D. has come in a different's called the visit from mom/grandma! I'm feeling pretty darn good! I did some house work, but w/ mom helping, and having grandpa and Alex to take care of the kids...I actually accomplished something it's taken me 3 months of work and not gotten anywhere (the kitchen is clean)! Who knows what we can accomplish tomorrow!

Katie said...

Sometimes, even when you're single, there's no time/opportunity for a MHD - I do love those, though. If you want one, call me and I'll watch the girls! ;-)

Adrienne said...

...and you gave me one!! You are the best, as you know. Not only did you give ME one, you gave one to my kids too, at your MHD expense!!