Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did You Know...

...the following things do not mix. At all.

-whatever I ate that caused me to have
-HORRIFIC heartburn (which I haven't had since I had Miss Q...and, no, I am not announcing anything), followed by
-a pepcid complete, followed by (about 40 min later)
-a zantac, which is also chased by
-2 Tums, followed by
-the starting of a movie I have waited MONTHS to see and now it's out on DVD so Super J and I were making an indoor date night out of it, which means it was
-closely followed by popcorn (because this movie was supposed to be watched in the theater so since it wasn't, we tried to make it as theater like as possible,
-some bits of an Oreo McFlurry,
-and some diet coke.


Not only do these things NOT MIX, but you may well feel shortness of breath, faintness, and EXTREME nausea and almost a loss of other bodily fluids before this unhappy, probably poisonous concoction, decides to exit your body with EXTREME FORCE.

And an hour or so later you'll feel better. Puny and weak, but better.

And you'll enjoy the last third of the movie so much more than the first part.

And you'll be sooooooooo glad that you only puked out your innards instead of passing out, peeing the couch and awakening only to find EMTS standing over you, which is what you feared because that is how bad you felt. you know.


Jennifer Lee said...

It was the cookie! The COOOOO-KIEEEEE!

Bethany said...

Oh. my. That does not sound fun. Um, I'm glad you're feeling better, though! I discovered dried apricots a few months ago, and although I think they are absolutely delicious, they cannot find a way to get along with my innards. So now I don't eat them. Hopefully you can figure out what it was. WITHOUT it ever happening again!

Shari said...

Sounds like gallbladder issues...happens a lot to women that have babies. If it happens again (heartburn followed by puking), or if you start to turn yellow (as Teresa can attest) your Dr. right away! I hope you're okay!

Katie said...

Duly noted - I'll try not to mix said items. So, what was the movie?