Thursday, September 10, 2009


My three eldest beautiful daughters have now started school.

Sure, sure, I know that they started in the middle of August, but today, Miss O started preschool. Three hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at our wonderful Baptist Preschool near Super J's work.

She was SO. EXCITED.


Super J took her and dropped her off and said she did just great (not that I called to check up or anything). I *did* pick her up, though, and she was pleased as punch about everything and everyone. It was too cute.

Then she came home.

And ate lunch.

And passed out on the couch from exhaustion.


I guess pre-school will do that to you.


Jennifer Lee said...

Being in pre-school IS exhausting. I can totally remember. All the sharing, and the talking nicely, and the coloring. I'm tired just listing them all.

Your girls are SO cute and I'm glad they are all enjoying school this year.

Adrienne said...

K, you've GOT to save those pictures in stone or something -- both the darling one of the 3 gals, and then the crazed-eyes one of Queen O. I was dropping off Mr. Man for his first "real" day this week and realized oh. The other moms had their big old cameras out, taking pictures, documenting it, helping them hang up their backpacks. My guy just marched in with not so much as a "see ya mom" -- and I realized, that's actually a GOOD thing. Sounds like O is that kinda gal.