Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm just sayin'

The bad news or the good news first? Bad? Okay.

a. Things that are bugging me recently include:

...having to clean up pee off many many carpets throughout the house...even though there are also bathrooms throughout the house. up random bits of ground-in chocolate that no one will claim from the carpets I JUST CLEANED. ARGH.

...a baby who is BOUND and DETERMINED to pull out plugs from the wall. Really, Miss Q? Really??? You really want to learn about Electricity at this tender age???? ZZZzpftt.

...along those lines, a newly toddling girl who can now reach THIS MUCH MORE and who is also learning what she wants and doesn't want and will voice her GREAT displeasure if what she wants is not given to her, or is taken away from her. Because she is the QUEEN!!!!!!! MEET HER DEMANDS OR SUFFER. Yeah, we've all been suffering a bit lately.

...also along the lines, right now I hate hate hate hard concrete floors in the garage at the bottom of the steps.

...for some reason, doing dishes this morning felt claustrophobic. Both sides of the sink had big, needing to be washed and not just "rinsed" out dishes in them.

...the feeling that I am the only one cleaning. Which I probably am. And I'm just grousing right now. Because I feel that I'm the only one cleaning. toilet paper! And I don't mean toilet paper you get on sale, because that's the awesome kind of cheap. I'm talking about the kind that you buy thinking you are going to try this because maybe it'll be that kind of awesome and it just turns out to be the kind that you actually burn through because it takes half a roll to do it's job. You know what I mean. OR, half the roll is left AFTER doing the job--because it's like one giant lint trap!

...a forgetful mind

b. Things that have been oh so sweet in that gloriously wonderful way include:

...listening to pre-school girls & bff's talk in the backseat of the red rocket after a day of school, their voices high and excited, their imaginations rocking and rolling, and their conversation HYSTERICALLY funny. Because their preschool teacher really is, "so so lovely," and all you have to do is tell police officers to go away if they want to pull you over and put you in jail simply because you, the driver, were obeying the back seats demands to, "Go faster! Faster! FASTER!!!!!"

...Miss E losing another tooth, placing it giddily under her pillow and awakening to still still there! Ohhhhhh, that darn Tooth Fairy. ARGH! However, she did manage to sneak the tooth out and replace it with some money but didn't say anything, thus letting it be discovered a mere 20 minutes later by Miss E (as she was disappointedly showing Miss A the Tooth Fairy's failure), that lo and behold, "Mom! The Tooth Fairy DID come! I just got up too early!!!!"

...your husband sending this to your brother for his birthday (and, yeah, I know I needed some extra support with that maroon number, but who knew that's what it'd look like on tv at the time, ya know?)

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Madelyn said...

that video made me laugh out loud! thank you for that!

Sungti said...

WOW, you guys can MOVE!!! Let's go to a disco some time, shall we?

Adrienne said...

By a LANDSLIDE, the best jib jab I have ever, EVER seen. That is a thing of beauty, my friend. And you know what? YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE CLEANING!! It's not just your imagination, I swear it. I also have a healthy loathing of concrete at the bottom of steps, as you know. And that Q is just lucky she's so friggin' cute. ZAP!

mshaw said...

Wow, I never saw those moves at the Springfield institute dances!! You might want to talk to Jason about his midriff showing though, he needs to set an example for his girls :)

Allison said...

Solid Gold Saturday Night!

Shari said...

You may want to lay off the tanning beds for a while...but otherwise you look SMOKIN' Hot! And man can you two move!

I've actually tried not cleaning to see if anyone else was...they weren't...unless I asked, or they asked if something was wrong because nothing was done...I did get noticed for a few days afterward (since I started cleaning again)!

Katie said...

Holy cow, I almost peed my pants. Who knew Super J would look so hot in a cropped, belly-showing tank?
BTW, I'm rooting for ya!