Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I, also, enjoy a carbonated cola beverage on occassion

Miss O came up and asked to take a drink of my Pepsi (I've been trying to cut back on my soda, but this week hasn't been my finest. AND, when I do drink it, I normally try to drink caffeine free stuff or a mix, but today, being what it is, was a full on sugary cola drink).

Initially I was like, no. This is Mommy's drink. But then I thought, a little sip won't kill her and then she'll see what kind of battery acid her mom drinks.

And you know what she said?

"Hmmmmmm. It's like blueberries!"


Because you don't eat blueberries, Miss O. You won't even touch them. How do you know this????

Eh, whatever. If you say so.

But then I got to thinking...
******WE interrupt this highly entertaining post to bring you a quick, "Name that MUSICAL" moment:
G: "Lefou, I'm afraid I've been thinking..."
L: "A dangerous pastime."
G: "I know."
*******Please, resume your reading*******
...and, if my algebra proof logic fits, then:

Blueberries = good for you

Cola Beverage = Like Blueberries

THEREFORE: Cola Beverage = good for you

Viola! All that education has not gone to waste.


Krista said...

Nice...when the kids have that kind of realization. Luckily, this past weekend, Max and his cousin were discussing those types of "cola beverages. His cousin told him it "stunts your growth". Max, who has had maybe a sip of Dr. Pepper, said: "No wonder everyone is taller than I am!!!". He's done trying cola beverages here.

Katie said...

Musical moment... Beauty and the Beast?

Miss L said...

Yes!!!! Katie, you are the winner. It IS from Beauty and the Beast. :)

Colton Anne said...

I think Nick would completely agree...although he would say Dr. Pepper and not Pepsi and he also wouldn't have to justify it, he just KNOWS it's good for him! :)