Monday, August 17, 2009

Daily Prayer by the FIRST GRADER!!!

Today, Miss A started first grade. In her honor, I wanted to mention her prayers.

Miss A has recently become aware that she can personalize her prayers and has become very very personal with her Father in Heaven in her gratitude and beseechings. It has led to some very sweet, very tender, very comical prayers.

For example, a recent food prayer went something like this:

"Dear Heavenly Father. Please bless this food. We are so, SO, SO! thankful for it. Without, we would STARVE!"

Last night, she was praying that she'd have a great day at school, and then went on to ask that Miss E and Miss O would play well together and be nice and make good choices so that *I* wouldn't "get mad and start yelling and screaming and being angry at them." Then, she added how she knew it was hard being a parent and asked for help for me; then she paused, and then she said, "And, I guess, for Dad, too." I was shaking with laughter and biting my lip so I wouldn't bust out with it.

Thank you, Miss A. I can use all the prayers on my behalf I can get.


Jennifer Lee said...

Oh my goodness, that is TOO funny!

Katie said...

Hilarious - I LOVE kid prayers. I realized that I must tell my primary kids to not talk while I'm talking a lot because the cutie who said the opening prayer for our class repeated about five times to "bless us to be reverent and quiet when it's not our turn to talk." Of course, not that it helped... ;-)

Colton Anne said...

That is hilarious!! Only out the of the mouth of babes!

Bethany said...

So cute. I love it!