Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Sharing

So, this morning like many others, I prayed to be a good mom. A better mother, more patient and loving. And, then, not just a few minutes ago, I found myself yelling at the girls and having a decided lack of patience with them. I was so frustrated, because hadn't I asked for heavenly strength this morning, specifically? And yet I felt so tired and miffed.

But then I thought, heck! What would this moment have been like if I *hadn't* prayed?

It kinda put it all back into perspective.


Stephanie said...

I've learned not to ask for patients, because he will actually give me situations that test my patients. That's a little tip my Mom shared with me that she learned from her early motherhood years.

mshaw said...

thanks for the new perspective because I am yelling way too much myself.