Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For Dinner

Tonight, I fried some fish I got from the butcher section of the grocery store. Everyone had some, even Miss O. And the whole time I was cooking, this was what was in my head...

Fresh Fresher Freshest

Do you like fresh fish?
It’s just fine at Finney’s Diner.
Finney also has some fresher fish
that’s fresher and much finer.
But his best fish is his freshest fish
and Finney says with pride,
“The finest fish at Finney’s
is my freshest fish, French-fried!”

don't order the fresh
or the fresher fish.
At Finney’s if you’re wise,
you'll say,
“Fetch me the finest
French-fried freshest
fish that Finney fries!”

~Dr. Seuss, Oh Say Can You Say
Copyright 1979