Thursday, May 7, 2009

One little, Two little, Three little

Miss A lost ANOTHER one of her top teeth, bringing the grand total to 3 (yes, THREE) teeth in a row, gone from the top row.

We told her she'd better slow down or else she'd end up just eating ice cream until her teeth come in.

Sadly, though, for various reasons relating to loads of outdoor gardening and landscaping (Super J) or a long vigorious walk late in the evening (me), we both fell asleep without making sure Tooth Fairy came.

Alas! When Miss A woke up, she was sad to say that T.F. didn't take her tooth! I told her not to worry, that T.F. was probably just behind. I told her that if T.F. didn't come tonight, though, that I'd be writing to the Tooth Fairy Association and complaining on her behalf. She was fine with that.

Now I just have to see what the T.F. is going to do to make up for this faux pas. I'm thinking she owes a decent apology and maybe a bit more money...kinda like if you're late with a credit card payment, they get some interest? Maybe? We'll see, and I'll let you know.

UPDATE: Well, well, well. Of course there's a Tooth Fairyland site.. Why didn't I think of this. I simply emailed a letter to myself, made some changes and printed a new copy (with an apology, of course) with the "legend" of the T.F. (who knew?), and put it in an envelope with some fancy, hopefully fairy like writing. It is now waiting in our mailbox for Miss A to go and get when she comes home from school. Viola. She'll be thrilled.


Bethany said...

HAHA! I love it. That's some good thinkin there! And, do you really think she would care if all she could eat was ice cream til her teeth came back in?

Ragan said...

The Tooth Fairy forgets to come here too -- all the time! She does eventually show up....usually, so tell Miss A not to worry about it ;)

Shari said...

You mean the tooth fairy isn't real!? Next you're going to tell me Santa and the Easter Bunny are big lies too...

That reminds me, I need to tell you about my sister and how she refused to "lie" to her kids, so she doesn't do Santa! She's a weirdo!

Adrienne said...

Huh. That tooth fairy's kinda mercenary, eh? This is just like our 10:00 PM panic attack Christmas Eve when THE big present didn't work. What to do when we're supposed to be magical but aren't? Thank heavens your gal has a good toothless head on her shoulders and accepted your (very logical, I might add) explanation. And I can't wait to see the 3 tooth gap pumpkin gal! :)