Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Date Night Dancing the Night Away

Super J and I went out on a date tonight, in the middle of the week! ...by ourselves. NO baby. NO kids. Just us. Wowzers (and lets be frank: I did NOT think it was going to happen this morning when I decided I needed to clean out the girls closet instead of cleaning my house for my sister-in-law who was coming to watch the kids. Nothing like a good anxiety attack to make you feel human. By the way, Thanks Aunt D for watching the girls! And cousin Lauren. You guys are SUPER FANTASTIC!). We went to a theatre and watched young BYU Ballroom Dancers/students shimmy and shake their groove things in a very modest and wholesome way. It was totally awesome.

So, end result: we went out on a date by ourselves. Our baby years are behind us. We realized we are old and flabby because there is NO WAY we could do any of that fancy dancing for 2 HOURS. Holy smack, Gentle Reader. It was so impressive. Heck, I was tired after watching them, and all I did was sit in my chair with little legroom while the sweet but elderly man sitting next to me randomly passed gas my way every time he shifted to get a better view of the dancers. I kid you not. Thus, it was kind of like a game of chess because every time he moved, I pretended to focus on the costumes at that point, which were often simply lovely, and lean towards Super J to get a better view...thank heavens he was sitting in the chair on the aisle so he had a little extra room for his wife who was unexpectedly leaning through at least a third of the performances (I bet the people behind us HATED me. Oh well! Either that, or they thought *I* was the one passing gas. OH DEAR. Perish the thought!). Ugh. Yay memories.


It was a lovely evening. Just wanted to share and note the occasion.


Katie said...

Sounds like a gas... ;-)
I think that's great that you were able to get out for date night! And everyone could use a little shimmy in their lives.

What's up with the Walkers! said...

I'm so happy for YOU! If anyone needed a "break" you two did! I honestly thought when I saw your title that you and Super J were the ones dancing the night away! I really did, and I was impressed, then disappointed to read that you watched them have all the fun:)