Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains

Hooooooooooooly cow! It is windy out there in Metropolis.
We went to playgroup this morning (only 50 minutes late, thank you!) and one of my friends said, "Hope you didn't try to fix your hair before you came!" because all of our hairs were, quite simply, plastered to one side of our heads or whipping off the other, like flags out of control. Unruliness at its finest. And I thought to myself, Awwww, heck! I could have gone for another day with my unbrushed Wal-mart visiting hair and no one would have been any wiser!!! Oh well.

What's worse is that when you do finally arrive home, your hair just simply cannot recover from that kind of natural blow drying. However, I was quite comforted to know that you can try to achieve this same gravity defying look on the professional level. Hmmmmmmm.....

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