Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Funny

Ugh, I'm totally recovering from one of those terrible dreams where you are arguing with your spouse and then you have to wake up for the real day and be all happy with him. Bless his heart. Plus, well, I won't go into other details, but the rest of the dream was chuck full of weirdness, too. This is what happens when you are in R.E.M. and your baby wakes you up. Your brain isn't done processing whatever it's processing in that particular moment and you get all these freaky dreams you actually remember. Oh well.

So, in light of that and the fact that I feel practically comatose, here's something that totally made me and Miss A laugh--especially the double fountain (watch, you'll see what I mean)...and just so you know, none of the dads is Super J because he is super and, thank heavens, nothing like the weirdness in my dreams. Whew!



Shari said...

I can't wait to show this to MY babies' Daddy! I can so see him doing the thing with the hose to my boys!

Adrienne said...

My face hurts. Bless you, child.