Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ummm, Hello from Leper Island

Sorry to be missing for a while. We are infected with whatever is floating around and causing trouble. We thought many of us had strep...thankfully, it was just a virus I think. Ohhhhh, how bizarre to say that. And actually, we are still waiting on word about Miss E (did I mention that because she had strep a couple of weeks ago, they had to send her test out--she went on Sunday to the Urgent Care--and we've been waiting for the results) but her spirits are much improved, so that's good news. She certainly isn't acting all sick and weary, thank heavens. You should have seen her last night when a friend made some Jello Jigglers for us. Holy Cow. HOLY COW. Like sharks during a feeding frenzy, my girls were. Gleeful with their jigglers. Now if only I could feel that way about my upper arms.

ANYWAY! Of course, as some of us are on the mend, others are starting to exhibit very worrisome behavior, as in Miss Q who has taken to having issues at the in/out portions of her little person. So. Not. Fun.

On a fantastically, completely different note, I found the most wondrous website that made my little librarian heart leap for joy. I was doing some research for non-fiction YA bibliographies for a friend and literally found a mecca of info at (appropriately named) Library Booklists (yes, I made it big so you would notice). It takes you to various links for libraries with, more often than not, annotative bibliographies about all sorts of literary works: fiction and nonfiction, adult and young adult, children's lit, etc., etc. Seriously. I was giddy. It reminded me of why I love to be a librarian, why I love libraries and why I think other librarians are totally superfantastic (and the author of this site totally falls into this category!!!!)! Such a great resource. Just wanted to share...you can thank me later.

UPDATE: Yegads! We have just received word that Miss E did/does, in fact, test positive for STREP. Ugh. They are giving her a different prescription because, obviously, the other one didn't kick it.

Okay, I feel defeated because I was hoping she would be negative, because she'll still technically be contagious tomorrow, when her preschool class goes on a field trip! UGH!

Please don't judge, because, true confession: I am still fighting it in myself about whether or not to send her to school. She'll be antibioticized for approximately 18 hours before she goes. What do you think. Keep her home? It's supposed to be 24 hours. Ugh. Darn it. CURSES! In my "please don't send your child to school whilst they are under a plague" heart, I know what I'm *supposed* to do. ...but, I am such a school nerd. Even for preschool. And it's a field trip. Man-o-man. I know! I'll let Super J decide (he'll decide to keep her home, though). Oh well. I'll let you know, Gentle Reader, the outcome.

You know, I'm not 100% sure why plagues are hanging around us this academic year, but they are. I think I'm going to tell them that they can now go. We are done. We don't need any more. Just wellness around here, thank you very much.

"Hey, Plagues. Go pester someone else. We are done. We are only accepting healthy vibes now. Vamoose."

There. That should do it.



Colton Anne said...
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Colton Anne said...

I hear you on being sick. We have been sick for what seems like the whole winter. Kayley has had throw-ups about 4 times, Cora 3, Me 3, Nick 2. Then colds...don't get me started as we are trying to end this round of colds that have been horrible which led me to having a horrible ear infection that the pain was 10 times worse than labor! Bring on the spring PLeASe!! :)