Saturday, February 28, 2009

If I Twittered...

...these would be the entries for this afternoon (though with this, you can start from the top and work your way to the bottom for the most recent):

12:02p: Super J is taking the girls sledding for the first time since they got their "boogie board" for Christmas. Love him!!

12:45p: I'm going to make cinnamon rolls for them so they can have them with hot chocolate when they get home. Have store bought bake 'em, ice 'em that will be just the thing.

1:00p: Into the oven they go. Have put them in my Pampered Chef clay circle baking dish thingy. 10 rolls. Yum.

1:18p: Have taken them out. They look golden brown and smell great. I am icing them.

1:20p: Am done icing.

1:21p: Oh! NO! They are only half-baked!!!! Seriously goopy under the tops and under the icing. CURSES!!!!

1:22p: Turn the oven back on and stick iced cinnamon rolls back in the oven. Set timer for 5 minutes.

1:27p: Discover that I didn't set the temperature right. CURSES! Leave them in for a few extra minutes.

1:28p: Family returns home. Take the cinnamon rolls out of oven. They are a little crunchy. Super J says they look great. I LURVES this man.

1:30p: Make hot chocolate for the girls.

1:32p: Almost spill hot chocolate for the girls, but recovered. No harm done. Put in rather stale marshmallows that are, in fact, leftovers from last winter. They will never know.

1:40p: Alls well.

1:40.30p: Spoke too soon. Miss E has spilled hot chocolate ALL OVER HERSELF AND MISS O. OH! NO! CURSES!!!!!! It is EVERYWHERE!!!!! Super J takes both girls upstairs to sponge them down. I start mopping up.

1:45p: Still mopping. Super J is still looking for clothes for Miss O. Note to self: must do laundry!

2:00p: Done cleaning. Everything somewhat back to normal. For now...

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KC Knicks said...

Sounds very familiar. Keith took the kids sledding and Brittany spilled the hot chocolate. Glad to know we're keeping up with the Peters. :)