Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Broken Tooth Update

Went to the dentist today and basically got a temporary putty filling, but will go back next Tuesday for the first stage of getting a crown (sigh) and then I'll have to go back 2 weeks after that for the permanent crown (sigh, again).

The anxiety was pretty minimal (keep in mind I said many a prayer). I was plenty freaked out waiting to see what was going on, but all the dentist did was look in my mouth using his mirror thingy and then one of his assistants packed it with the putty and then I was pretty much done.

Guess what the cost is of a crown these days????? Oh, a little over $800 dollars, but that's not counting the cost of the "build-up" they have to do of the tooth and the scraping of the old filling and a few other things (it all adds up to just under 1K). Thank goodness we have some dental insurance that will help, but it still stings, big time.

That being said, the dentist was pleasantly surprised that I had come in as soon as I had and told me that he gets patients who wait until they can wait no more. I just didn't want to chip off any more of my tooth.

In any case, today wasn't bad. I was much relieved.

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Speaks Family said...

Yeah, my husband had a $4500 dental estimate and we had no insurance. Needless to say he had two teeth pulled because who can afford that?! Not us.