Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Stubbed Toe

...why do they hurt so dang much?

Tuesday morning, I hit my little pinkie toe against the door jam of our downstairs bathroom. YOWZERS. Holy Spaghetti, Pasta Man! Wow that hurt! It turned purple and got all swollen like. Yesterday it was better, though it didn't feel normal--kinda like a piece of putty against my foot with some nerves. Today, it's still purple but no evident swelling and just minor irritating pain.

What makes me angry, too, is how I just barely missed leaving that little room with my foot intact. How can I be off by inches, walking out of a room I exit at least once a day???? I mean, seriously, the rest of me cleared just fine. But no. Gotta leave that last little nubbin to come into contact with an extremely solid piece of matter. Argh.

So, anyway, all that aside I am on the mend, but I just had to grouse about how crazy it is that something sooooo tiny can cause such issues! You shoulda seen me limping around and changing my scheduled events so I wouldn't have to walk so much on the goofy thing. Indeed, I postponed going grocery shopping with ONLY Miss Q to going yesterday afternoon with ALL FOUR GIRLS. Holy cow, what was I thinking? Oh, yes, that's right. I wasn't. Ugh.

Which brings me to this next thing...I was telling a friend (who can empathize, seeing as she has five kiddos), I always remind myself that I'm not going to do this...I'm not going to go into the store and become that zombie shopper that meanders up and down the aisles. Indeed, I will just march into the store with all four girls in tow and get only the items on my list, thus living up to the "We just need to run in and out and get a few things!" statement I tell my kids. But I am a liar! Because I keep doing it, practically every time!!!! So, I'm a liar. There, I said it. A liar with a sore toe.

Dumb toe. While bemoaning my owie on the first night and after seeing its sad situation, Super J magnanimously offered to cut it off with some pinking shears we have. Sadly, I had to turn him down because I didn't feel we had an appropriate cauterization plan to go along with it. Tsk. Isn't that a shame? That, and I kinda had a nostalgic moment about keeping all ten of my toes. So so nice of him to offer, though, isn't it? So kind and thoughtful.

Instead, next time I'll just let him take all the girls shopping.


Bunting Family said...

Sorry about your toe! I HATE it when that happens, and hate is a strong word. Glad you're on the mend!

Shari said...

Superman J offers the same type of help mt loving companion does as well. However, I think Super j would be willing to cut off HIS toe to avoid taking the girls shopping.

As for the matter of the toe...I too have trouble getting through doorways. Leaving the Dr.'s I banged the car seat (occupied at the time) against the door jam. Had the entire waiting room not been watching, I could have convinced myself I was checking the safety features, and impact resistance!

Adrienne said...

...and you are in the midst of a foot blight. Ankle, toe -- LAURENDA. What foot gods have you angered? Or what podiatrist is trying to lure you in? Or is this just a reason to get more caffeine and fast food, to aid the healing? If so, call me!! My foot hurts too, um...