Friday, January 2, 2009

So Young

Happy New Year!!!

Wow. 2009. One more year till I hit the big Four Zero. Wowzers.

ANYWAY. The new year is young and at one time, I was younger, too. I bring this up because of Facebook. Yes, good ol' Facebook, which kinda drives me nuts with all the little nitnoy things that you can get involved in (I mean, seriously) and just waste time (not like blogging--reading and writing and lurking on other blogs and linking and, well, you know. Not like blogging...nooooooo). But I have a friend who is into Facebook and has recently been posting pictures from our "youth." I actually don't mind one bit, but I just gotta's crazy to see how young we were!!! This was 10-15 years ago, in the glory of my 20's. And I was young.

Furthermore, looking back at everyone, man, we all were really nice looking. Sure there may be a picture that is less flattering than others, and, granted...our hair may have been big or funky and our clothes were definitely circa 1990's, but still. Looking at these, I thought, dang! How cruel I was to myself back then. In that "present" of my 20's, I was MEAN in my thoughts about how I looked and who I was. Now I look at those photos and remember the great times and the smooth skin and when we wore contacts on a daily basis and did our hair and showered and wore make-up and our boobs were perky and...oh, wait, that's just me. Still. If you'd heard all the junk that went through my head about how gross I was back in the day, you would have smacked me. Sure there are things I would have loved to change about me, but over all, I wasn't near as bad as I thought I was, back in the day.

Hmmmmmmm. Do you think in 10-15 year from now, I'll be thinking the same thing about pictures circa 2009?

Maybe that's my lesson to learn.

Happy New Year.

(and thanks, Leslie, for the fun photos)


Allison said...

Miss L,I hear you loud and clear! Oh wait, maybe it's so loud because my thoughts are cheering that someone else feels the same way we do!

Shari said...

You are so cute! (Then and now)...and you're not alone with the perky part...and that was before nursing...

KC Knicks said...

You are beautiful and I love you!

Katie said...

I saw those pictures on Facebook, and I loved them. I also thought to myself, how in the world does Miss L look just the same (minus the dated hairstyles, of course)? You are gorgeous, then and now. But, I hear ya. I look back at pics of a time when I thought I was so fat and wish that I were "that fat" again. Yikes!

Adrienne said...

Everyone took my comments. :( You know you are the once and future (and present) ravishing vixen! 40 will never know what hit it. :)