Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's On!

Yay! Here's the "push" for some of you to get going, at your own pace wherever you may be (and no gloating, Bethany! It'll just make me more jealous of your nice weather! ;) ). At the end of the week, I'll post my progress and would love for you to do the same in the comment section. ...and I'm serious about all of us meeting in October to do that 5K. We can do it!!!!

ps. I need to tell you that Super J said that this was not the time for me to try to diet while working out...just get the exercise part of it down and into a habit. I can do that (and so can you!). The change of eating habits comes later.

Also, I agree with this, as I'm also nursing, but I'm excited to get started by getting more active, even while it's nasty cold outside. Also, Miss Q isn't even at her 6 month anniversary, so I'm really happy to be begining so early, because normally I wouldn't start until after I'd weaned my baby and then I'd end up pregnant after a few months. So, that's progress.

Plus, let's be honest...I was trying to find a picture to put on my facebook profile and I thought, Yegads! There were none I wanted to post. I was embarrassed that I had no jaw line in some of them. Seriously. Fat cheeks, no jaw. Ugh. I thought, my kids won't know what I looked like when they were babies because I'm too embarrassed to get my picture taken.

Well. That's gotta change.

If I don't want to saddle them with my own weight issues; they need to know that you are just fine wherever you are. All of us make choices, so you just need to make healthier choices. *I* need to make healthier choices, so that's another reason I'm doing this. Plus, I need to get over that so that they know that your body might change and whilst it will never be the same (my poor boobs!), I can be healthy and strong and have energy. This is my goal.

And I'm excited to be getting started. Yay! Oh...and I've already walked for this morning. :)


Ragan said...

You go girl! I'm trying to walk every morning with my Leslie Sansone "Walk At Home" DVD, and I've been averaging about four mornings a week....

As for the girls waking up, STOP GETTING UP WITH THEM! Make sure they go potty, get a drink, and do whatever else they're waking up for as part of their bedtime routine and explain that THAT IS IT for the night, then stick to it (I know the potty thing is not so easily done because we can't prove that one and they know it). But that's what has worked for us... Most of the time! Emme still wakes up occasionally and knows she can take herself to the bathroom without waking us up, but she can't get out of bed for any other reason.

Ragan said...
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Ragan said...

Sorry, my comment posted twice so I deleted it...and now you have three comments from me.

Katie said...

I so agree with everything. It was very hard for me to find a picture to put on facebook as well - I don't like taking pictures of myself, because I think I look terrible - this is the year for me to get healthy! Let's do it!