Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A request

I copied this from my friend Bethany's blog because Jeff and Cari are also friends of mine, too, from my Grad School days, and her cousin sounds like she could use them as well. Any inclusion in your prayers would be great.

For those who are inclined to pray, even for people you don't know, I have a couple of requests for you. My old friends Jeff and Cari just had their third baby girl. She is beautiful, but not without problems. They learned a couple of months ago that she has trisomy 6 (a third copy of chromosome #6 attached itself to chromosome #3 -- not good, like down's syndrome is a trisomy 21) and that it appeared that her lower jaw was seriously malformed. However, upon her birth last Friday, it turned out that she has no lower jaw nor tongue. Her lungs have not and will not develop properly, so they are preparing to let her go back to her Heavenly Father. I know they could use as much support right now as possible.

Secondly, my cousin and his wife will be having their third child soon, too, but hopefully not too soon. Steady contractions at 28 weeks is not good, so she's on bedrest for the duration. They are hoping to make it past Christmas, but every day past that is even better. Thank you for adding my friends to your lists.

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Bethany said...

Thanks. I appreciate you passing it along.