Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Much is that Daphne in the Window

So, our dear sweet cousin L has given the girls (specifically Miss O, who oh so sadly didn't have a stuffed "pet" in a bag, as her older sisters did...note the maternal sarcasm) her old Bratz Cat (or, more specifically, a Bratz Petz Catz...ugh). "Daphne" is the purple one. I kinda didn't give it to her because I'm personally against the Bratz line of stuff, and ended up just putting it in a bag of clothes meant for Miss A when she hits her next growth spurt, but Miss O found it and has fallen in love with it.

Alas, she thinks it's a dog.

She has so far taken her "dog" for a walk. She has "fed" her "dog" and often just comes up to me and says, "I just want to hold my dog. Ruff!"


Miss A has announced that maybe next year, she'd like a cat. I am allergic to said beasts, so I think Daphne may be the closest thing that we get to them.


Tricia said...

They make those hairless cats that are allergy free. The girls could dress it up in winter to keep it warm :)

Shari said...

Those hairless cats are so ugly they're cute. I want one, but if I had a couple grand, I wouldn't spend it on a cat! That's another reason why we don't have one!

Bethany said...

Can I just say...I'm glad I have boys! Na na na na na na.

Katie said...

Ah, my friend. I share you allergy to cats (didn't stop my mom from having them, I just had to get allergy shots) and your dislike for Bratz. Hope all is well!