Friday, December 5, 2008

Do you speak 2 year old?

We have our good friend Jared playing over here today, and the girls are having a hoot and a half. Running around, literally, through the kitchen, dining room, living room and office before starting over in the kitchen, and talking in incredibly loud voices while laughing along the way.

Miss O has just come into the office, where I have fled to keep from a) micro-managing their play and b) the VERY LOUD NOISE (did I mention they are using their OUTDOOR VOICES!!!!). She asks me, "Where'd everyone go? Where'd everyone go? Where'd everyone go? Where'd everyone go?" (she will repeat a phrase over and over and over until you respond to her, a fact that only I seem to be aware of in our family). "Where'd everyone go?"

So I repeat, "Where did everyone go?"

She shrieks in that pained animal tone that has the hint of "NO YOU IDIOT!" and burst into tears. Just then, the three older kids come streaking through the office, making the rounds, and they are wearing their winter wear.

"Oh." I say to my toddler. "Where is your coat?" (ahhhh, the translation: Where is my coat NOT Where'd everyone go?)




Bethany said...

haha, I have translated many things, but I don't think that's been one of them. Sounds like they're having a lot of fun, though. And I've been the recipient of many "NO, you idiot" screams and looks, too. I think they're kind of funny.

Allison said...

This may be useful info in Nursery - that Olivia means what she says, especially if I don't understand the meaning.