Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Do's

So, here are some photo's of our trip to The Great Clips.

First up, Miss O. Alas, we forgot our camera and it wasn't until she was done that Super J remember he could use his phone.

So, next up is Miss A. I kinda felt bad for the hairdresser, because Miss A has THICK STRAIGHT HAIR. This means, it's very hard to cut a straight line, as those of you who also share this plight realize. Plus, she's so curious, she kept looking around at Miss O and Super J. Still, she did a good job sitting still.

Now, I realize that going to this "salon" is dicey at best. Sometimes you get a great cut and other times, well...let's just say that I'm so glad my hair is curly. Even Super J has gotten a "bad" cut before (for him, this means too short. Growing up an USAF brat, I'm used to really short haircuts and I think it kinda looks hot on him, but que sera sera).

Below is Miss E in the chair. She totally has one of those Julia Roberts smiles, if you ask me.
Now, for those of you who have been to Great Clips, Fantastic Sams, or the like, you know that you can get their basic "haircut" and all they do is spritz your hair til it's wet and then cut and there you go. No drying. No styling. This is what happened to me.

In this next shot, you see Miss A and there I am in the background. Once we got home and my hair was drying, it looked extremely frizzy. NOT my best look AND, since this was a last minute F.H.E. decision to go, I hadn't done any prep on myself (ie: NO makeup, etc.). So, in this "AFTER" shot, I just put a headband on and called it good. As a result, I ask you to focus on the cute cute hairdo's for the kiddos and know that mine turned out much better AFTER I showered and styled it.


Jennifer Lee said...

Those are great haircuts (yours, too!)

Lac said...

All your girls look like triplets! It's amazing! You all look so good and the girls look adorable with their haircuts! You're very brave for taking them all at the same time. I'd rather slit my wrists!

Allison said...

You are all gorgeous.

Adrienne said...

Awe, shucks, sugar pie, you know I want your hair. I covet it. Seriously. Your hair looks great at any length, my friend. Your girls look so cute too.

Katie said...

Man, my hair won't even curl it when I want it to. All the cuts are SOOOO adorable! I think I'm heading to Fantastic Sam's in the near future!

Speaks Family said...

So none of your girls got your curly hair? How interesting. I was so excited to see a pic of most of your family!