Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have about 5 minutes

Edited note: I have just got done reading this thing and it's quite long. I had no idea that I'd actually have so much time to go ahead and write. Sorry I didn't just make this into a bunch of short entries, but one never knows when one gets time to sit and write!!!! ANYWAY! On to the actual entry!


Actually, I have no idea if I have 5 minutes or not, but the baby fell asleep (on her own!!!!! This is a small miracle, because most of my children needed me, the Human Pacifier, to fall asleep. Love that Miss Q. Of course, this might be a fluke, but we'll take whatever miracles we can around here) and so I have at least a few minutes to blog.

So, I sat down to write about all the things that I've been thinking about for the past few days that I wanted to record for history and amusement and guess what ideas came to me?


Seriously, couldn't think of a thing. Curse that sleep deprivation!!!! Arghe. (Yes. That's "argh" with an "e". It makes it even more emphatic, don't you think?).

But I've now downed a coke (yes, dark brown battery acid on ice with a shot of caffeine) and thoughts are starting to come to me. And what's happening???? Well, my other girls are coming and beckoning me to actually do things for them. WHAT??? Mother my OTHER children???? Heavens. Imagine that.

Okay, I'm back from doing my mothering obligations...ahem...blessings of service and now I probably just have time to write cryptic words (shout out to you Jennifer!) that will not make sense when I read this printed version in about 5 years. But phoey-heck! I'm doing it anyway, and we'll see how far my narrative voice will go.

1. Miss O peed on the toilet yesterday. This is both a WONDERFUL and TERRIFY progression of a 2 year old. Wonderful because it feels her with a sense of achievement. Terrifying for me because it means that soon we will be having to use (and go into) public restrooms...lots of them, regardless of where we may be. Ewwww. Oh, and let's not forget. We'll be going with a newborn. Potty training is a lot of work--worth it, but lots of work. Just like so many things in life. Grrrr. AND, with 4 girls, guess who is the main potty trainer? Yes. Moi. Oh well. What will be will be. Or pee, as the case may be.

2. Miss E came in Monday morning around 3:00~ish A.M. and said, in that sad, sad tone that the sick use, "I threw up," and then proceeded to throw up again. Am I a bad wife to think how grateful I was that she was on Super J's side of the bed???? Anyhoo, for the next 20ish minutes for me and 45 minutes for Super J, we striped a bed, rinsed bedding, flipped a mattress (okay, that was Super J), started some laundry, stood with mouth agape as Super J poured WAY to much bleach for a colored load into the washing machine (that would be me...and, as is the way of all things that Super J does, everything came out relative fine, so I guess it really wasn't WAY too much, but at 3:00ish in the morning, it looked like he was flooding the machine!), bathed Miss E, and nursed and took care of Miss Q, who was on her way to sleeping for 5 hours, I'm almost positive, before we were awakened. But, since that wasn't going to be the case, instead we ended up having a TERRIBLE rest of the morning, and so I spent all day yesterday grumpy and barely on THEEEEESE side of mental and emotional stability.

3. Randomly, I was so happy to see the "Bonnie Hunt" show on. She's doing a daily show and she is quite charming, and it's something other than that odious Kathy Lee Gifford "Today" hour...ugh...I just wanted to say that. She (Bonnie Hunt) makes me laugh, so I hope she does well.

4. Miss A had pictures taken today at school. Super J got her dressed and ready to go and I love him all the more for that, because it meant that he let me sleep (pretty much) through the whole process (he did ask me what to put on her and where to find it, but I didn't have to leave the bed to do it). Both of these things are important because somewhere around 4am this morning, I realized I was on my way to a little place called "Nervous Breakdown" if I didn't get at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep pretty dang soon because it has been...well...a least a month since this has happened. I get sleep, but it's in 2-3 hour increments. Today, I came very very close. I was able to sleep for 4 hours (between 5 and 9 am) with only the interruption of having the baby put by me and then being asked what to dress Miss A in. This brings me back to picture day. Which we'll put as a new category...

5. Miss A had pictures taken today at school. Here's the thing: When we sent in our check for the pictures, there was an option of having them ("them" being the photographers) "touch-up" the photos. Well. Super J and I were both like, "Why on earth do you need touch-ups in elementary school?" because it's not like they have terrible acne or whatever, and obviously we didn't pay for it and just sent in our order. That was last week sometime. This past weekend, for Stake Conference (church meeting with multiple congregations held twice a year and has meetings on both Saturdays and Sundays), we got a babysitter so we could attend the Saturday evening session AND have a date (you should have seen us at Mimi's Cafe. I don't think we said more than 16 minutes worth of dialog to each other and yet the silence was almost as blissful as riveting conversation. How funny is that? And did you know that Mimi's appetizers are about a dollar less than their entries???? So, though we were just going to get appetizers because we weren't very hungry, we ended up getting entries. But I digress). While we were gone, Miss A got a pretty good scratch, right above her top lip, about 3/4th an inch long vertically, and guess what was still obvious and scabby for picture day???? Yep. It's one of those eye-rolling inducing ironies of life, I gotta tell ya.

6. I actually finished reading my book for my on-line book club, "Northanger Abbey." I really like Jane Austen. But I wish someone had said, "Jane. You are very very wordy. You need an editor." This, dear Gentle Reader, is not something you need to say to me. I know I, too, suffer from this affliction. It is why I am able to both empathize and point out the flaw. Does it stop me? No, of course not. Did it stop Jane? Those of you who have read her already know the answer. ANYWAY!!!! The book was actually very helpful in understanding the recently produced BBC/Masterpiece Theatre's (PBS) version. I seriously had some "Ohhhhhh!" moments. For example, in Bath, England, which was renowned for it's restorative waters, the Pump Rooms were places where folks went and walked about and visited with people, but the supposed real excuse why people went to these places (besides to socialize) was to drink the water! Ohhhhhhhhhh. Made so much more sense. The short of it, I enjoyed the book and thought it added to the movie.

Okay, so my time to type is up. Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon. Maybe I'll even post about taking brownies to some neighbors and feeling like a complete horse's patoot because I was so nervous and came across as an overly helpful goof. CURSED Sleep Deprivation which impedes my social poise and nature. ARGHE!!!!

Until then, Gentle Reader, get some sleep and enjoy your day. :)


Katrina said...

Hey, I just wanted to say I'm glad you called today. It was awesome to hear from you. *hugs*

Katie said...

I must once again point out - you're my hero. All of the goings on and you were STILL able to finish Northanger Abbey? Amazing!! I, too, found that this was probably Jane's wordiest book and that I had to go back and re-read several paragraphs because I got to the end of the graph and went "huh?"

Katrina said...

I just tried out your suggestion about google reader. Awesome!