Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swimming Lessons--Day 2

Report: Well. We have returned from Day 2 at the pool, and happily, no one drowned and everyone seems in relatively high spirits. I'm craving a salad from Cafe Rio, which is a place out in Utah/Nevada, so I'm kinda Shucks outta luck for lunch. Alas...but that really has nothing to do with swimming. Back to the report...

Summary from Miss Lauren, their swim teacher, who comes to me with the news (it's kinda cute, because each "teacher" only has 2-4 kids, and I think she has 3, so we are getting updates daily):

Miss A is floating on her back, by herself, in the regular and "streamlined" (meaning with her arms above her head) floats, and she gets her face in the water.

Miss E is floating on her back, and probably unbeknownst to her, she floated by herself. She also will get her face into the water. Yay. Both played various games that they are excited about sharing with Super J when he gets home.

Miss O and I also played many many games today, such as "Motor Boat", Ring-around-the-Rosies (aquatic style), Simon says, and basically a free for all of splashing and kicking (of which Miss O excels). We have two cute little 16 year old instructors, and you can tell these girls are 16 because they do a whole lot of spur of the moment planning and implementing. But I guess OUR class is really just about getting the kids used to the water. Miss O...let's just say she's used to the water.

On my part, our transitions to and from the pool went by much more smoothly. We did arrive kinda early (10 minutes?) and I was tempted to let them go into the little water park, but then I knew Miss O would not want to leave that for the lesson, so I decided to forgo that opportunity.

The only dark cloud on this trip was when Miss O got the lid off my water bottle and poured a substantial quantity of said beverage out in the car. GRRRRRRRRRR. Argh. I've left the windows open on the Red Rocket to hopefully help it dry out.

End Report.

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