Sunday, July 13, 2008

Discoveries and Fresh Produce

Well, official or no, I am now on "Maternity Leave" from the Primary (aka: the children's portion of Sunday School and Lessons) at church. I am, technically, still in this calling of music leader, but Good Krista said to me, "Let me just take over next week" (including picking the songs and maybe even cleaning and organizing the music closet!!!! See???? She's quite wonderful). Could have kissed her. Not because I won't miss the kids or hear them singing the music. I will. Alot, actually, because a) as we all know, I've grown attached and b) I'm a control freak. That being said, when I get home I am pretty much USELESS after lunch. Remember the swimming lessons? That is NOTHING compared to what I feel like after a morning in Primary and Nursery (18 months to 3 yr olds). But I only have 3 Sundays left before New Baby arrives, so it's kinda nice not to have that weighing on my mind, and the Primary President said today that they noticed I have having trouble with my breathes/singing ratio and they hoped I wouldn't pass out. lol.

ANYWHOOOOO, after a nap, I decided to tackle roasting some vegetables that Grandpa harvested when Super J dropped him off yesterday. I have a really great recipe for roasting said veggies from beloved Ina Garten (I probably shouldn't talk about her like I know her and/or stalk her, but I LOVE watching Barefoot Contessa on Food Network. One day, you'll come for dinner and I'll be so organized, you'll wonder if you stepped foot in MY house or Hers. In the meantime...), where you then turn around and add chicken broth and blend up the roasted veggies with chicken broth and turn the whole thing into a fabulous soup, or "po-tage" as Super J likes to call it. It really is quite lovely and, more importantly, quite easy. The biggest amount of work is just cutting things up.

So, prior to setting forth to take care of this, I had to take care of business and I went into the bathroom off of our bedroom (aka: Mommy & Daddy's bathroom) and what do I find???? Pretty much the entire roll of toilet paper unspooled, lying in a heap on the ground.

Miss O has struck again.

These are things she has learned in the past 2 weeks. Seriously, it's only been 2 weeks.

1. That she can turn on/off light switches (and fans' switches, if they happen to co-exist next to said light switches).

2. That she can, with a bit of effort and in moments of panic, turn the knob on bathrooms to join me whilst I'm in the middle of a bathroom break.

3. That she wants to "wipe, too, Momma!" which consists of her grabbing the toilet paper and starting to unroll vast quantities so that she can wipe...wait for it...her nose. Twice. Before wadding up the entire thing and trying to toss it in the commode.

Now, I KNOWS I wasn't in that bathroom when the toilet paper was getting unraveled because I know to stop it before it ends up, well, completely off it's cardboard holder and heaped on the floor. I have a feeling, Gentle Reader, that this was done when...(ominous music plays) one was around. This prompts Learning Moment #4:

4. That she can, when no one is around, unroll vasts amounts of toilet paper, thus stripping the toilet paper off its cardboard holder and leaving it heaped on the floor.

You know, I am all about my children learning and exploring and expanding their minds...I just wish it didn't involve all these HIGHLY annoying things! Argh!

Oh well. I shall just comfort myself in lots and lots of potage.

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Katie said...

Po-tage - very French. Sounds delicious. Did you get that recipe online?