Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yeah, so I should be taking a nap

...but instead I am posting like a crazy woman. I'll go nap in a second because I am, confessedly, FATIGUED. Super J got "The White Giant" (aka: his big ol' truck) this afternoon (hallelujah!) from the body shop, and they had it all washed and polished up. It looked very nice.

But I doubt it was as nice as "The Red Rocket" (aka: the red minivan...the girls named the vehicles, btw, but the names have totally stuck and that is what we refer to them by). Just before Super J came home to go pick up The White Giant, he took the Red Rocket (which he's been using this week) through the car wash and filled it up with gas and got the oil changed. Then, he came home, wiped down the insides and cleaned the windows and vacuumed the thing out--and even cleaned the carpets using our beloved Steam "I am a better mother because of this machine" Cleaner (which I had out anyway because I'd cleaned up a spot or two in our living room just this morning).

The Red Rocket looks and smells fantastic.

I helped out with the wiping down and vacuuming and carpet cleaning (as much as I could...bending over for extended periods of times is a real pain, literally), as did Miss O, and we worked up quite a little sweat. But Super J did the bulk of the work, and I really appreciate(d) all his efforts. Who KNEW how filthy that poor car had gotten. Yeeps. When I went to change the water after cleaning the little floor board carpets, it was nasty dirty black. Go ahead, say it with me: Ewwwwwww. Unsightly. And I think to myself, why do we not do this more often???? Because it is glorious to ride around in a car that is clean!

Anywhoooo, it totally reminded me of this Zima Production (why do so many alcohol based companies create such funny commercials?) and had to share.

It's embarrassing to confess how many "dead" french fries and goldfish crackers (oh, and let's not forget dum-dum lollipop sticks) we pitched from the backseats, but there were lots. Ugh. Again, oh so nasty.

So, thanks, Honey, for your labor of love. I LURVES me a clean car, and now I don't have to be jealous of Kristan's beautifully tidy minivan any more. :)

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