Monday, June 9, 2008

Why do I sense truth to this?

When I left on Friday to visit Mom, I got gas at a station for $3.69 (Ugh. Shocking, but still). It was the cheapest price I'd found and I was like, Wahoo! When I came home on Sunday, I got gas at the exact same gas station for $3.89. Jaw dropping. I think there is an "oil bubble" going on, much like the inflated housing market that existed when we lived in Las Vegas. It's TERRIBLE that there is a select few who are making BILLIONS off of this. Argh.

Found via

Saudi Arabia seeks oil price curb
Information Minister says current oil price is 'unwarranted' as kingdom plans meeting of producers and consumers.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- Saudi Arabia says it will call for a meeting of oil producing countries and consumers to discuss soaring oil prices and work to prevent an unjustified rise in prices.

Information and Culture Minister Iyad Madani says the kingdom will work with OPEC to "guarantee the availability of oil supplies now and in the future."

In a statement following the weekly Cabinet meeting on Monday, the minister said Saudi Arabia will also work to control "unwarranted and unnatural" price hikes.

He said that the current price of oil is unjustified.


Katie said...

Seriously - How sad is it that I long for the days of $2.99/gallon? I think I might just have to buy a new bike and use that to go the 15 miles to work. Multi-purpose = get in shape while saving money on gas.

Lacie Moto said...

seriously, gas is ridiculous! That is why I got a different car because my old one was quite the gusler!