Friday, June 13, 2008

Survival of Nasty Weather & Love and Logic in a Comic

Okay, all the nasty weather to hit the midwest has left us unscathed, for which we are very blessed and very grateful. I continue to feel TIRED, but this might be my state for the next 8 weeks. ugh.

In the meantime, Super J and I have been talking a bit about learning (well, ME learning) more about "Love and Logic"...a parenting style where you don't overreact but have some sort of logical response that allows the children to look inward and see the need to self correct. Hmmmmm. Yep. I think *I* definitely need to do some research on this. It tends to come more easily to men (I wonder why), such as my younger brother, The Bishop, suggesting that instead of me making an appointment to try to get released from my Primary Chorister Calling I should just sit, reclined, in a chair and lead the same song over and over and over. This is an example, right there. Why? Because, there's no way on this beautiful green earth that I'd be able to do that, but it does kinda put stuff into perspective.

Anyway, yet another favorite comic, Foxtrox, has a great example of this from their Sun, Jun 8 edition (if you click on the cartoon, it'll get bigger). Have a great day!!!!


Katie said...

Love the comic. It's all about logic and psychology. Too bad my reactions are always emotional - even though I THINK I'm logical. :-)

Adrienne said...

I think the first step is to eradicate (is that how you spell it??) your GUILT, because you are an amazing mom. Man. If YOU need to change mothering techniques, what does that make me (shudder, convulse)?? On another note, I miss my daily Fox Trot so much! Seriously, I've been relating to this comic strip since I was like 12 on a personal level.