Monday, June 16, 2008


Yay for a good Monday! This was one of the first of many many days that I didn't feel the underpinnings of PMS, which is so weird when you are preggers to have that rage and pissiness (that's French for "Not Feeling Like the Nicest Person Breathing in the Living Space One Currently Inhabits"...sorry if I offend) so infested within you, so I felt pretty at peace with the world. It was very nice, I have to say.

Yesterday at church, I talked to Primary Pres about the sweet Sister who has been assigned to help out and I told her that I wasn't sure it was going to work out because if this particular sister is pregnant or gets pregnant, she'll be a high risk pregnancy from the get go. The Primary Pres agreed we needed to do something different...something more permanent (I could have kissed her right there...had a hard weekend with baby for some reason, so this was good news to hear). Sweet Primary Pres said that she was a little worried because the Bishopric is so good but so busy, she didn't know if they could get someone. I offered to go in and talk to them, crying and hysterical and she said, "Well, that might not be a bad idea. They are so busy, if they think something is working, they have a hard time taking action without a little guidance."

Ha. Hahahaahahahahaha. I've made the appointment. And I'm so happy we are on the same page again.

Still, I will have a hard time giving up this calling because I really have fallen in love with it. But it'll be nice not stressing about it as the due date gets nearer and the baby comes.

Today went to the doctor''s head is down. Ah ha! This is why I had a weird weekend. I KNEW something was happening. I had some weird back pain and thought I was having preterm labor at one point, because I just did not feel fabulous this weekend, I must confess. Whew. Good to know she just made a big shift in the old Womb Room. We listened to her heartbeat...strong and wonderful to hear. Always, always reassuring.

Anecdote from doctor: I'm having a wonderfully boring pregnancy which is progressing very well. How does she know this? Because she is still on the first page of her notes, whereas with some patients (who are not as far along as I am), she is on page 5. Yegads! I'll take the simpler pregnancy, thank you.

Finished the third book in the Fablehaven series. Very very good. I think Super J would really enjoy this series. I don't know that he'll ever READ this series, but I think he'd enjoy the books if he decided to read "for fun" again.

Did you know that today, A&W's across the nation offered free Root Beer Floats? From 2-8pm as it turns out. We arrived at 8:23, but you know what? They gave us 5 of them anyway. Talk about good customer service. We took the floats to a nearby park where we had a F.H.E. lesson about how God gave us our eyes (thanks to Nursery Class yesterday where *I* got to listen this fine lesson) and we can see all sorts of things, like the colors around us and fireflies (aka: lightening bugs), ducks, deer, bats and the moon, amongst other things spotted tonight at the park. It was a GREAT time. So, thanks again to Jennifer for the tip about the floats. It turned out to be a very memorable trip. The girls can't just get over how they didn't think bats really existed and yet, they were able to see them! Wow.

We looked up bats that live in our area and found out that we probably saw a couple of Eastern Red Bats. Small, swift and ohhhhhhhh so real. In fact:
Eastern red bats are solitary, spending the day hanging like leaves from tree limbs. They rarely roost together except for a mother and her young. Males are orange-red and females are chestnut. They forage over fields and water in early evenings and swoop for insects around lights after dark, consuming up to half their weight each night. They migrate in late summer and hibernate in caves, hollow trees and buildings during the winter. Females have one litter of 3-4 pups usually born in June. Their maximum lifespan is 12 years.
There's a little something extra for your random fact file.


Katie said...

I'll have to practice my new vocabulary word next time I speak French to someone. Thanks for learning me.
And who knew that baby bats were called "pups?" Am I the only one who didn't know that? Weird.

Miss L said...

It's so great to be bi-lingual. lol. We didn't know they were called pups, either! Much like Lightening Bug Island, we went ahead and named them ourselves. Baby bats will forever be called "batlings" in our home. :)