Friday, June 20, 2008

In the news...

I know that the personal side of Zoo Peters is profoundly interesting. I mean, all the daily events and sneezing and coughings of our family...who WOULDN'T love to read that continuously, absorbing every fascinating morsal. Actually, (true confessions, Gentle Reader) I really appreciate all of you who DO like to read about all the stuf that is going on in my little world and still think I'm an okay person. lol. In kinda like going back and reading about what's happened in my family--and it's stuff *I've* written, so I guess I need to just shut my trap about all this and change topics quick.

ALLRIGHTYTHEN>>>>After that very clumsy and awkward beginning, the whole crux of this was to get here: I've been scanning my newsblogs this morning, as I always do...the kids watch Sesame Street and I read the news...and I thought, it might be worthwhile to let you know the things that have caught my eye about what's happening in the world-at-large! Because there's more going on in life than whether the girls get me up several times during the night. You know? However, never fear: Our regularly scheduled Zoo will resume later today after these various news bulletins.

1. This Flooding Business...we live close to Missouri, but not enough to have the flooding effect us in drastic ways. I mean, it might when Super J takes the girls to Nauvoo for the pageant (this is his birthday present/last getaway before the baby comes. I and Miss O are sitting out this trip and I am so OK with that). But it is amazing that this is the SECOND "100 year" flood to hit the Midwest. And what does this mean? Crops ruined. Houses ruined. Towns and cities ruined. This means spending more $$$$$$.

2. Oil prices...what is this about? I mean, talk about random sneezing and coughings affecting everything. I just read about how Israel's "military exercise" has sent traders and investors on Wall Street into a panic about oil, so prices have gone up, but people are ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia has said that they will pump more because there's NO REASON the prices should be spiking like this. There is a huge conspiracy here, people. Someone is trying to push through their global warming/go green agenda (if gas is $x.xx, then people will have to take public transportation and won't drive so much...if only it were that simple!)

We totally saw it when we lived in Las Vegas and the housing market bubble was CRAZY! When we first tried to buy a house, a home would go on the market and you'd have 8 offers by noon that same day. CRAZY! It drove prices higher and higher and higher. And now that it's popped, look at the mess this is making, especially in California, Nevada and Arizona--states that were the hardest hit. I know there is a world situation with some of the oil, but not for prices to be sky rocketing like this. Because what does this mean? Yes. $$$$$$$$$, but not for us.

3. At least 17 Girls in a Massachusetts High School form a "pregnancy pact" and are now pregnant. Um...HELLO! Here's my problem with the "discretionary" doctoring that is now mandated in many schools. If my under 16 year old daughter went to the school nurse to get a pregnancy test (they gave out over 100 of them during the year! 100!!!!!!) and acted sad that it came back negative, YOU NEED TO TELL ME ABOUT IT! Firstly, heck, you need to tell me about the pregnancy test. Okay, let's even amend that: Let's hope that this never happens with my 4 girls. But there needs to be parental awareness and notification! These are still children, even though they don't believe they are when they are in those teenage years. UGH. They are NOT adults and have NO CLUE what it means to be pregnant and have a child. NO CLUE. Heck...sometimes *I* have no clue. Ohhhhhhhh, let's hope I can be a better involved parent and that my kids don't feel the desire to go looking for "unconditional love" outside of the home when they are UNDER 16. What does this mean? Scary scary parenting? School systems? I dunno. It just has me flabbergasted.

4. This political mess that is the Presidential Race. We all know that one of the reasons that I started blogging was because I read so many Mitt Romney blogs that over time, it was a natural that I start posting about my family and it's lovely laughs and drama...and isn't that just a smaller microcosm of This Political Mess that is the Presidential Race?????? Laughs and drama. OH. And this is sooooo frustrating to me because I don't like either candidate.

When Romney dropped out, I thought I liked Obama, but that was before I started getting educated on the man. He's NOT the candidate I thought he was and that's so disappointing. This latest, "I am not accepting public funding" garbage...yep, he's not accepting because he knows he can make oodles more from private funders. Like ALL politicians, he has a hard time keeping his word. And really, when you look, you realize that he does NOT have the experience needed to run this country. Ugh. Hope and change, indeed.

And I really was/am disenchanted with McCain because he also doesn't stand for what I stand for and I have issues with him...that are for another post because I seriously could go on and on about it. Don't care for him, and yet I'm a registered Republican and now feel that I must choose between two evils. I have no idea how I'm going to vote. And that's so frustrating to someone who started off doing this because I was so determined within my own political world. What does that mean? UGH! ARGH! OOOOOOOOF!


Anyway, sadly I could go on. But we'll now return to our regularly scheduled Zoo life which includes "watching" my remarkably well behaved niece and nephew this morning whilst their mom is at a doctor's appointment...who are, let's be honest, really watching my girls, which has let me go on and on about this news stuff.

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