Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feelin' the love

How to even start this?

Many a post here is about my wicked parenting skills (and not necessarily in that "Yo, Dude, your parenting skills are wicked!" vernacular), and frustrations with my offspring.

But I just have to tell you that this morning, I'm so in love with my girls. Not only are they beautiful, which I must say, they are, but they are so good and so smart and so sweet.

Case in point: the girls found our plastic Easter Egg collection. I'm not 100% sure where they discovered it, because it was technically hidden down in the basement, awaiting next years big hunt, but they found them and brought them upstairs and have been playing hide the plastic eggs for the last two days. In my current condition and (sadly) mood, I am not one to grouse when they discover a great game like this that enables me to not have to do much beside count their discoveries.

Well, they just came in to me with an egg that was half blue and half green. They proceed to be delighted at this and to inform me that this is truly a MAGIC egg because it is green and blue. And they are so sincere about this. I mean, SINCERE and HEARTFELT. Any moment, I expect the blue/green egg to morph into a fairy and start fluttering away, sprinkling magic dust in all our eyes. This is how sincere they are in presenting me with this egg.

And maybe a wee bit of that magic dust gets on me anyway, because I feel a full measured burst of love for these amazing creatures that have blessed my life with their willingness to be a part of mine. Wow, I love 'em.

I just wanted to share. Like I said, I often can share the frustrating stuff of parenting...but it's kinda nice to be able to share the really great and wonderful stuff, too.


Meredith said...

Laurenda your girls are adorable Thank you for sharing. And isn't it amazing that they (children)can just blow us over with their sweetness and sincerity. It's moments like those that make you really enjoy being a mother.
Keep up the good work with yours!!!

Katie said...

See, you are truly blessed. And, might I add, your parenting skills are totally wicked, dude. Did I tell you how impressed I was during my stay? I could only hope to be remotely close to as good a mother as you are. Really.