Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am having heart palpitations and a bit of nerves because...the painter people are here to finally finish caulking the house and prepping it for painting so as to start painting!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!! I'm hoping the color we picked out will be dark enough without looking TOO dark (though maybe that's okay, too.). Our house is currently a faded weird green with some sad and tacky trim that reminds me of a farm barn. Seriously. So I'm so excited that we are finally doing something about that.

Okay, so far, I have counted one...two...three guys. Hahahahhaha! Yay! I'm wondering what the process is. Do they caulk and then start to paint today or what. Do they paint tomorrow? When it's 90 degrees???? Hmmmmm. Will I be able to leave the house? Because seriously, I'm getting a babysitter this afternoon so I can go do my church visits and an errand. Hmmmmmm.

Okay. I'll just focus on the fact that I'm giddy that it's getting done (our neighbor has a painting business and he's just mosied over to talk to the guys. Good to see the man in charge).

Um...hello! This is new. I just looked out of the window and one of the painter dudes who's going to be working on a very very tall ladder just took off his shirt. That cannot be safe! What if he falls? Can you even imagine???? Or gets sunburned? I swear I am getting old. Everyone looks about 12 years old. When did that happen? Are 12 year olds allowed to be climbing ladders that tall???? And now all of my little girls are staring out the windows, at these shirtless guys. (I think another 12 year old just took off his shirt). The girls are all worried they are going onto the roof. Nope, I try to tell them...just caulking around the windows. The girls have just gone upstairs to watch the guys on the tall ladders do whatever they are doing.

Hmmmmm...and what are they doing? They are now pounding on...something? Weird. And yet fascinating. Hmmmmmm, again. This'll be good, trying to put Miss O down for a nap whilst they are pounding on who knows what. Hope this won't freak out my babysitter. Hope I'll be able to leave the house to GET my babysitter. Hmmmm...

Miss A just asked me why they didn't have their shirts on. I told her the truth: I have no idea. They must want a tan?????

Holy cow the ladder is wobbling (you should know that I'm afraid of heights and my husband often says I'm like one of the Corsican Brothers [you know, based on Alexandre Dumas' story of "separated conjoined twins who are mutually empathic," so if one is hit, the other feels pain] and I'm FREAKED out that one of these dudes is going to plummet to the ground and get not only broken bones but a nasty grass burn as well).

Okay. There's Luke, the man in charge. Still wearing all his proper clothing. Thank you Luke.

This is almost hilarious. I think I've figured out the shirt optional part: one 12 year old just came down the ladder and he's got gobs of caulking all over himself. Truth be told, I'd rather have that all over my shirt than my skin, but since *I'm* not climbing death defying ladders, I really have no say in this, I guess.

HOLY COW something just banged up against the wall. Ahhhhh, said death defying ladder. OY! They are back to pounding. It is very startling when one doesn't expect it.

I need to put Miss O down for a nap. And Miss E just scraped her chin. Ohhhhhh the mayhem! lol. ( be continued!)

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