Monday, April 21, 2008

So nice to hear...

So, I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Can I just say, I love my ob/gyn. She delivered O, and she's so...competent! I realize that as a patient who is on her forth kiddo and, so far, having a very normal pregnancy (just the kind I want!), I'm pretty boring...but she never acts like it. Love her! On the other hand, I like her nurse just fine, but she seems to be the kind of nurse that loves to tell you how much weight you've gained from one month to the next. Last month, coming off of my birthday weekend where I was eating out and having cake and all that good stuff, I'd gained 4.5 lbs. Ugh! Today, however, she didn't say anything and I was like, hhhhmmmmm.

Anyway, after Dr. G and I listened to New Baby's heartbeat (love that!!!) and chatted about how I *could* take some allergy medicine (HALLELUJAH!!!!!! I have been fairly miserable this last week), she said, "You didn't gain any weight this time (and had lost half a pound). You're not dieting, are you?" I tried to explain about the food marathon weekend I'd been on just before my last appointment and that I was also trying to walk 3 times a week so technically, by my calculations, I'd probably gained 2 pounds, and then she said, "Still. You've only gained 9 lbs so far (that she knows! I didn't go see her till I was 12 weeks along) and I want you to gain at least between 8-10 pounds over the next 3 months."

Hahahaahahahahahahahahahaahhaahaha! That's me laughing on the inside. Not in any "laugh at my doctor" kind of way but in a "Wahooooooooo!" kind of way. Because NEVER in my life has anyone ever said, "I want you to gain weight." Please. Never. I'm on the soft and cushy side as it is, especially after 4 pregnancies and, while I must admit that I am trying to make healthier choices when I eat...I've soooooo NOT been dieting. lol. Ha! Anyway, I'm not going to go wild with my meals now, but I just have to was nice to hear. Goofy as that may sound, it's true. It made my day. And I hope this makes yours (I thought this was too funny when I saw it and had to post it...on a day like today, it's kind of my mantra.)

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome. :) Loved reading this.

and I love that puppy. Awesome.