Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sad Report: The camera is having issues

Our camera is officially on the fritz. Sometimes it seems to want to work and then...pssssbts. It shuts itself off. This does not bode well for "capturing the moments" on a whim, as I've discovered today.

We have our friends JK and his little sister B over today, and when J came home, he asked them if they would be willing to go out and pick all the "yellow flowers" that have inundated our backyard. They were THRILLED with this idea...based on their reaction, I've really got to work on my delivery of how I ask kids to do chores, I tell you.

Anyway, they are out there and E has decided to wear this sunhat that, luckily, has a strap on it. I say luckily because we are having GUSTS of wind that can knock any one of these little kids on their bottoms without a moment's notice. It is soooooo funny watching them scurry, trying to get these flowers picked while the wind is making this awfully difficult! I wanted to get a picture and also take a shot of the bird's nest. Alas! The camera is, as my children say, "Not being my friend!" and I just had to share this news and knew that you could appreciate it, Gentle Reader.

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