Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahhhh, the cursed widgets

You may or may not be able to tell this about me, but I LOVE to be able to change the template on my blog to reflect other animal/creatures you may see in a zoo. It's nutty, but it's soothing to my soul.

Alas! My glorious links (aka: widgets in the blogging world) cannot be transferred by myself (I am, confessedly, a Luddite in this matter though I promise I am trying to learn!) at this time. So, I apologize if you were using my links to get to a different blog. I will work to restore them, but I am bound and determined NOT to have to retype in all the links! NO! I will figure out how to do it in the code. But for now...


Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations at NOT being able to, after 2 hours of reading blasted code and trying to copy/paste and then having blogger give me nasty comments (well...maybe not nasty, but unwelcomed to say the least!), get those darn widgets to transfer.

Please...feel free to go about your day. I think I will go and watch Grey's Anatomy on my dvr and maybe grab a Fresca.

1 comment:

Ragan said...

The widgets get me too! Did you try copying from the old code and pasting in the new one? Probably! I'd play around with it, but my test blog is being used for....*testing* at the moment. Maybe I need two test blogs! I always start with basic google templates now and add to them, so the widgets aren't a problem, but I did lose all of the originial stuff I had in my sidebars with one of my early template changes.