Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Neighborly Thing

We have the nicest neighbors, and I am happily a "safe" neighbor when some of the kids get home from school. Today, one neighbor boy came over because he couldn't get his garage door to open, thus letting him in. It's surprisingly brisk outside and so I had him come inside, giving the girls strict rules NOT to touch him or get too close (and they were very obedient) and I got my coat and we went to try it. Sure enough, the thing didn't work, but I did spy a battery.

Now, I am NO mechanical genius, but the battery gave me my clue. Luckily I had another 9 volt (hooray for a year **cough** 3-4 month supply in which I have some extra batteries!), and when we replaced it, happily the garage door began to move up and down. I was very pleased, because I do have that worry that I will break someone else's thing trying to fix it.

Also, I was very pleased to know, because I didn't beforehand, that the garage door runs on a BATTERY!!!!! I don't know what I thought it ran on, but still! I'm thinking that perhaps with every Spring-forward (hello, Sunday everyone!!!) or Fall-back time change, when we replace the smoke detector batteries, this is another one that we should replace because, quite frankly, I don't think my key to the house is on my key chain. CLEARLY I like to live life dangerously, but seriously. I rely on the "code" to get me into my house.

What a nice learning opportunity, for both of us.

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