Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've got you now my Pretties!

At long last, a picture of my beauties (and as an added bonus, a visiting friend!).

From Left to Right:
(the friend), A, E and O,
each showing off a new Barbie that some friends donated when they outgrew them.


Lacie Muramoto said...

Oh my gosh, look at how grown up those girls are!! I can't believe it. Abigail's hair is soo long, and Elisabeth is like, seriously big! It's so weird. When I last saw them they were both so little! They're adorable Laurenda, they really are just the cutest little things! Oh I miss them, we had soo much fun!

Jennifer Lee said...

It is fun to finally see a picture of the girls--so cute!

C & K Sanders said...

They are beautiful Laurenda!! I think that Abigail looks alot like you? I don't know, it has been like almost 9 years since I have seen you!! WOW!!
The are precious!